Custom Installations 

We are fully versed in total custom audio,video and lighting installations, from prewire to final we will custom design systems based on your specific requirements,working with your designers and architects.We are capable of systems as simple as a small theater to large completely intergrated homes.

Home Theatre

When it’s time to relax,who needs to dress up and head out to dinner and a movie ,when you can lay back and have your own movie in true high definition from the comfort of your own couch.

Whether it’s a large completely self contained theater with custom seating and a 120 ” screen or a 42″ Plasma with a smaller surround sound ,we do it all,we will work with you and your budget to leave you with a comfortable ,user friendly system.


This is were we shine,if you’ve climbed into to bed late at night and realised you left the light on downstairs,run all the way down in the dark to shut it off then all the way back,how about reaching over to the panel next to your bed and shutting the whole house off and switching on the security system,this is only one reason to invest in a lighting system ,not only does this simplify your life but it can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 25%,even reduce your heating bill’s by sensing room temperatures and self adjusting based on your global location.

From one room too entire houses,from large houses to restaurants ,we can install lighting control systems too fit every budget.Not only will  our systems control lighting ,but we can also control heating and audio systems through the same in wall touch panel.

Audio/Video Calibrations

When you purchase any system from your local store ,you get it home set it up ,but when you watch it or listen to it,it does’nt look right or sound right,well you’re not the only one .We can help you with your new system or even your existing system,we use state of the art ISF Calibration systems to adjust your system to perform at its best ,in your specific environment,talking about environment, with a calibration you can save up to 30% of the energy your tv may use.Or better yet buy a system from us,we deliver it to you,set it up,and leave you with a system performing the way its meant too.